Packaging Optimisation Projects – Overcoming Resistance

Resistance to packaging optimisation project

In the competitive world of food and beverage packaging, efficiency and innovation are key. However, resistance to change within project teams can significantly slow down progress for packaging optimisation projects, affecting overall productivity and delaying market readiness.

Overcoming Challenges with Pallet Wrap Machinery and Stretch Film Suppliers 

In the bustling world of the food and beverage industry, efficiency, cost reduction, and sustainability are more than just buzzwords—they are crucial for achieving success.   However, achieving these goals can often be hampered by hurdles that seem insurmountable, primarily due to the lack of support from Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and the challenges posed by […]

A Strategic Approach to Reducing Costs and Plastic Usage in Stretch Film

Reducing Stretch Film

Stretch film is a crucial component of the modern supply chain, serving to protect and secure goods during transportation and storage. However, its excessive use can lead to increased costs and environmental concerns. In this blog, we will explore a strategic approach to reducing both plastic consumption and costs associated with stretch film while minimising […]

From trendy terms to tangible change in food and beverage sustainability

Sustainability Food and Beverage Industry

Sustainability in the food and beverage industry has undergone a remarkable evolution. Five years ago, it was often tossed around as a trendy buzzword, more a matter of corporate image than environmental impact. However, as awareness grew, so did the depth of understanding and commitment. Today, the players in the industry are not just using […]

How To Hand Wrap A Pallet In Six Simple Steps

In our latest blog we break down the Six simple steps you can take to ensure security and efficiency when hand wrapping a pallet. Do you bit in getting your goods to their destination safely with our handy guide.

Top 5 Tips For Better Load Stability

Here at Bridge Johnson, we know how important load stability is to get your goods from A to B. Nobody likes dealing with wasted or broken goods, and with all the work that goes into a dispatch operation, it’s no surprise that less than perfect results aren’t ideal. So in this week’s blog, we’re giving you our top tips for how to load a pallet safely and securely.

Which Pallet Wrap Is Best At Reducing Carbon Emissions? Here Are Our Top 3 Picks!

If your operation is wrapping pallets, you will probably have wondered whether you can reduce plastics. You may have even thought about whether it’s possible, given that pallet wrap is, let’s face it, very unexciting and heavy on virgin plastic use.

The good news is that you can – and significantly! To give you an idea: our clients reduce their plastics by 43% after a pallet wrap optimisation audit. If you like the sound of that, then read on to find out how.

The Top 3 Tapes That Save Time, Cost And Improve Your Carbon Impact.

Tapes. Brilliant when they work well, but what about when they don’t? Here at Bridge Johnson, we have an extensive range of tapes on offer. Whether you want to save time, optimise cost or reduce environmental impact, we have it covered. We supply reliable tape to food and beverage factories (and more) nationally. Check out our top 3 most popular options here!

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