Post: Overcoming Challenges with Pallet Wrap Machinery and Stretch Film Suppliers 

In the bustling world of the food and beverage industry, efficiency, cost reduction, and sustainability are more than just buzzwords—they are crucial for achieving success. 

 However, achieving these goals can often be hampered by hurdles that seem insurmountable, primarily due to the lack of support from Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and the challenges posed by stretch film suppliers.  

Having seen hundreds of food and beverage producers, like you are facing these challenges, we are committed to guiding you through them with a blend of expertise and innovative strategies. 

Lack of technical and implementation support from OEMs 

Imagine this scenario: Your facility is humming with activity, dispatching hundreds of pallets daily, relying on state-of-the-art pallet wrap machinery to ensure everything runs smoothly. Then, suddenly, you’re hit with a curveball—malfunctions and glitches that grind your operations to a halt. To make matters worse, the manufacturers of these machines are nowhere to be found when you need them most. 

When your production line faces downtime, the last thing you need is an OEM that’s either unable or unwilling to provide the necessary support. This lack of engagement can lead to increased costs and inefficient use of stretch film, ultimately affecting your bottom line. 

The nuances of pallet wrap technology are crucial for maintaining pallet stability without overspending on film. Yet, many find themselves in a maze of confusion, unable to strike the right balance, leading to escalated costs and reduced efficiency. 

Despite these challenges, we’re here to help you with the way forward. Leading brands across the UK, managing the dispatch of 500+ pallets per day, have used our methodologies to achieve trusted, reliable, and results-driven outcomes. With our extensive experience and commitment to excellence, we’re ready to replicate this success for your operations. 

Navigating the Sustainability Maze 

The journey toward true sustainability is fraught with obstacles, chief among them being a widespread lack of understanding about what sustainability actually means and how to achieve clear sustainability objectives. This uncertainty can stall initiatives and impede progress. However, with Bridge Johnson as your partner, these challenges become stepping stones to success. 

By defining what sustainability means for your operations and setting clear objectives, you can make significant strides toward environmental stewardship and economic benefits. 

Achieving internal buy-in is often a major challenge. Through our support and minimal-downtime proof of concept trials, we help build a compelling business case for sustainability initiatives. 

One of our clients, through a simple optimisation test on their pallet wrap machinery, was able to project a 200-tonne reduction in CO2 emissions, gaining support from their leadership and facilitating smooth implementation across the board. 

The Critical Need for Technical Support and Training 

Another significant challenge is the lack of adequate technical support and training following the purchase of equipment or materials.  

Proper training and support are essential for ensuring that equipment is operated and maintained correctly, maximising efficiency, and minimising downtime. 

However, when OEMs fall short in providing this support, manufacturers may face operational inefficiencies and increased repair costs.  

Similarly, without comprehensive guidance on the optimal use of stretch film, including selection of appropriate thickness and application techniques, manufacturers may encounter higher waste levels and compromised product protection.  

Establishing strong partnerships with OEMs and suppliers that offer robust after-sales support, including training and technical assistance, can significantly alleviate these issues. 

Moving Forward with Bridge Johnson 

Discover how our approach can transform your operations. Contact us today to book a chat with our team of film specialists and embark on a journey toward achieving your operational goals. 


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