Post: Packaging Optimisation Projects – Overcoming Resistance

Resistance to packaging optimisation project

In the competitive world of food and beverage packaging, efficiency and innovation are key. However, resistance to change within packaging optimisation project teams can significantly slow down progress, affecting overall productivity and delaying market readiness.

Here, we’ll explore common causes of resistance in packaging optimisation projects and offer practical solutions, drawing on our experiences with some of the UK’s leading companies in this sector.

The Impact of Resistance on Packaging Optimisation Projects

Resistance in the workplace isn’t just about refusing to change; it’s about the ripple effects it causes throughout an entire project.     So what are the key issues that can slow down a packaging optimisation project?

Lack of Engagement for a Packaging Optimisation Project

Operators who resist change tend to disengage from project activities. This detachment leads to reduced productivity and extends project timelines, as their lack of involvement can stall essential processes.

Poor Training Uptake

Resistance often manifests as disinterest or avoidance during training sessions. When operators do not fully learn new technologies or processes, the result is a higher rate of errors and inefficiencies, ultimately prolonging the adaptation period.

Communication Breakdown:

At the heart of many resistance issues is poor communication. Misunderstandings about the aims and procedures of the project can arise, leading to incorrect implementations and a lack of coherent team effort.

Effective Strategies to Mitigate Resistance

Having identified the issues, what effective strategies are there that can mitigate resistance and increase the chance of successful packaging optimisation project execution?

1. Effective Communication Throughout The Packaging Optimisation Project:

Clarity is Key: Maintain open lines of communication. Clearly explain the rationale behind changes and focus on how these changes benefit the team, not just the company.

Feedback Opportunities: Encourage operators to express their concerns and suggestions. This can uncover hidden issues and foster a sense of ownership among team members.

2. Adopt Inclusive Change Management Throughout The Packaging Optimisation Project

Early Involvement: Include operators early in the planning stages. Allowing them to provide input on decisions impacting their work can lead to greater acceptance and less opposition.

Visible Engagement: Show that their opinions matter. When operators see their feedback leading to real changes, it strengthens their commitment to the project.

3. Ensure Comprehensive Training Throughout The Packaging Optimisation Project

Interactive Learning: Make training sessions engaging and responsive to operator needs. This approach helps in retaining their interest and improving their understanding of new systems.

Continual Support: Provide ongoing support even after initial training phases. Continuous learning helps operators adapt more comfortably and efficiently.

4. Strengthen Leadership Support Throughout The Packaging Optimisation Project

Lead by Example: Leadership should actively support the change initiatives. A visible endorsement from leaders not only adds credibility but also motivates the team to align with the project’s goals.


Overcoming resistance in packaging projects isn’t just about managing people; it’s about creating an environment where change is welcomed and effectively managed. By implementing these strategies, companies can ensure smoother transitions, better morale, and a more cohesive team working towards innovative solutions.

As we have seen with our clients in the UK, aligning stakeholders and navigating through resistance are key steps toward achieving packaging optimisation projects and success in the competitive market.

By addressing these challenges head-on with clear, practical strategies, your projects can move forward more smoothly, keeping your operations agile and ready to adapt to the ever-evolving demands of the food and beverage industry.

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