Post: EcoStretch vs Surge Film, Which One Is The More Sustainable Option?

One of the questions we get asked most often is how we can help businesses reduce their carbon footprint. Here at Bridge Johnson, we’re proud to be at the forefront of innovative environmental packaging, which is why we offer such a wide range of solutions.

The issue of plastic use is one of the biggest problems faced by businesses, particularly for those with large-scale operations that rely on pallet wrap. Stretch film and Pallet Wrap is by far the most popular method of securing palletised goods, with excellent load stability and security. 

While it works, it’s also a source of massive waste and leads to an over-reliance on single-use plastic. This leads to a massive cost to the environment and your business. However, what if there was a way to secure your goods while reducing your carbon footprint? 

We offer several sustainable solutions that serve as an alternative to single-use plastic pallet wrap. Two of our most popular options are Surge Film and EcoStretch, but which one comes out on top as the most eco-friendly packaging solution?


As the name suggests, EcoStretch is a pallet wrap that strives to offer a sustainable solution that lessens your carbon footprint by using 30% recycled post-consumer content. 

The difference is easy to note, as while transparent when applied, you can see colour taints and particles from the recycling process while on the roll. EcoStretch reduces your plastic use at a reduced cost, but that isn’t where the benefits end!

  1. Tear Resistance
  2. Puncture Proof 
  3. Impact Protection
  4. Exempt From The 2022 Plastic Tax

The 2022 UK plastic tax will increase costs on businesses all over Britain in the coming year. However, it doesn’t have to affect your brand equity. As EcoStretch is made using 30% recycled post-consumer content it is exempt from the tax, saving your business money in the long run. 

While its sustainability and tax efficiency makes it an ideal option for palletised goods already, EcoStretch also gives high-quality results that secure your items for transit with excellent results.

EcoStretch is carefully designed with ultra-modern pre-stretch technology. This provides fantastic puncture protection as well as impact and tear resistance. This means you can count on EcoStretch to give reliable load security and less material wastage. 

Even applying this stretch film is far easier when compared to traditional hand-applied pallet wrap. Your team can enjoy a faster and more consistent application and a reduced risk of strain.

Surge Film

While Surge Film may not use the same level of recycled material as EcoStretch, it has a lot to offer and goes a long way toward reaching your sustainability goals. Developed with pallet security in mind, Surge Film is made using an innovative and strong polymer blend, with a 55 layer latticed construction.

 This creates a thinner 4mu pre-stretch film that doesn’t sacrifice security while using less plastic than standard 7mu stretch film and 12mu-16mu hand pallet wrap. Ultimately, with Surge Film you end up using far less material than with regular pallet wrap, saving you money and storage space while improving your carbon footprint; all at a reduced cost.

What are some other benefits of using Surge Film?

  • 420% Stretch Capability
  • Unique Latticed Construction
  • Uses Less Plastic Than Traditional Pallet Wrap

The construction of Surge Film gives it excellent snap resistance, and with fantastic holding force, your team can rely on a  consistent and speedy application. Using this pre-stretched film is simple, and the reduced liability to competitive strain makes it a popular choice for fast-paced environments.

Surge Film is plastics tax-efficient and is 100% recyclable for added environmental benefits.

Which One Is The Most Eco-Friendly Option?

Both EcoStretch and Surge Film have excellent benefits and are sustainable solutions that go a long way toward your environmental goals. However, which one would we recommend? Well, it might surprise you, but Surge Film is in fact the more eco-friendly choice! 

While EcoStretch fulfils the requirements of the 2022 plastics tax by using 30% recycled content, Surge Film uses 50% less plastic than traditional options. So, with Surge Film instead of using 70% plastic you’ll only use 50%, and all at a reduced cost! 

If you have any more questions on how Surge Film can transform your businesses dispatch operation and lessen your carbon footprint, why not reach out to one of our packaging experts for more information on how you can try Surge Film on a trial basis?


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