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ZeroWrap Pallet Jacket

Who says that achieving maximum protection has to come at a cost to your sustainability goals? Here at Bridge Johnson, we take pride in delivering environmentally packaging solutions that allow distribution channels to get the best of both worlds. Developed especially for closed-loop distribution channels, ZeroWrap provides excellent security with no fuss, and zero waste! These innovative pallet jackets offer an alternative to wasteful plastic use.

ZeroWrap Pallet Jackets are an excellent choice for a variety of distribution channels, including:

• Intra-depot stock transfers

• Closed-loop distribution routes

• Repack operations

• Deliveries that require instant inspection

• Multi-drop operations (variable height jackets available)

Available in a variety of heights, ZeroWrap serves as a reusable solution to single-use plastic pallet wrap for a range of loads. Eliminating your operation’s reliance on plastic use isn’t all this jacket has to offer. It also reduces the risk of repetitive strain and slip-related accidents. 

Easy to attach, ZeroWrap boosts your productivity and saves your team time and money. The continuous cost of administration and repeated orders of pallet wrap are avoided, as well as the UK plastic tax. By introducing pallet jackets to your packaging process, you can experience the benefits to your brand equity and your tax bill.

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ZeroWrap Pallet Jacket

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