Post: Which Pallet Wrap Is Best At Reducing Carbon Emissions? Here Are Our Top 3 Picks!

If your operation is wrapping pallets, you will probably have wondered whether you can reduce plastics. You may have even thought about whether it’s possible, given that pallet wrap is, let’s face it, very unexciting and heavy on virgin plastic use. 

The good news is that you can – and significantly! To give you an idea: our clients reduce their plastics by 43% after a pallet wrap optimisation audit. If you like the sound of that, then read on to find out how.

What 3 Pallet Films do our Clients Usually Transition To?

SURGE Elite-600 (machine-applied)

Customers love our SURGE Range of machine-applied pallet wraps, especially the Elite 600. Joel, our Client Solutions Lead explains that this is because it’s got high puncture resistance at a very low micron of application, which is all made possible by the 420% stretch potential within its 55-layer latticed structure. 

If all that technical talk goes a little over your head, then check out this quick showreel of customer successes – all delivered at a cost-saving, too. 

Josh, our Sales Manager says:

 “Clients love switching to a SURGE Film like the Elite 600. It’s always a win-win! Not only will it reduce plastics & carbon impact by an average of 43%, but it’s also eliminated film snaps for those who had their film breaking on sharp pallet corners. SURGE Elite Films avoids this due to its high stretch potential. SURGE Elite 600 is a 10-micron film with the power of at least a 23 micron – and much more sustainable.”

SURGE Hand-60 (hand-applied)

Many foods and beverage companies use some hand-applied pallet wrap in their operation, primarily on the despatch side. Our most popular film in this category is our SURGE Hand-60. It’s an incredible 4mu thin yet still holds pallets as securely as a conventional 12mu film, as it’s created with pre-stretch technology. 

The pre-stretch properties mean that this film is also easier to apply, meaning the operatives can wrap with more consistency, less pain, and less time pressure. You can expect up to a 45% plastic and carbon reduction when transitioning to SURGE Hand-60.

SURGE Shield-250 (machine-applied)

Occasionally we come across a client that doesn’t quite have their pallet wrapping machinery up to date. While we help them to upgrade it, they still don’t have to wait to start achieving plastic savings. Our Shield Range – starting as thin as 8mu before application – can hold these loads solidly, whilst reducing plastics by upwards of 30%. It’s most popular in operations using friction-brake machines or machinery which is showing its age and doesn’t perform consistently.

If you want to understand the journey to a significant plastic reduction in your operation, contact our friendly team here. 


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