Post: The Top 3 Tapes That Save Time, Cost And Improve Your Carbon Impact.

Tapes. Brilliant when they work well, but what about when they don’t? Oh, the frustration! Here at Bridge Johnson, we have an extensive range of tapes on offer. Whether you want to save time, optimise cost or reduce environmental impact, we have it covered. We supply reliable tape to food and beverage factories (and more) nationally. Check out our top 3 most popular options here:

1. PaperShip Paper Tape

This is the go-to machine tape for all operations thinking sustainably. PaperShip Paper Tape boasts a strong holding force in ambient and chilled conditions and has no single-use plastic in it at all! 

It’s also a great way to spread the word about your company’s sustainable efforts, as it’s one of the first things your end customer will see, and the tape can be printed with a message and custom branding, in up to 4 colours. It’s available in our machine-applied and hand-applied versions. An eco-friendly packaging solution that gives excellent results, what’s not to love?

2. e-Tape Plus-52

With a specification developed by our founder Jon Mckechnie, this blend of e-Tape has quickly become an industry favourite for hand-sealing. While the superior strength means it grips the box more reliably, the comfortable e-Tape dispenser makes the process very comfortable. 

Standard e-Tape is 150m long, versus the industry standard of 66m, which reduces the carbon impact and downtime. Our paper version, PaperShip e-Tape, is 100m rather than the traditional 50m long. 

3. Solvent Machine Tape

Our Solvent (PPS) machine tape withstands the most demanding conditions. Popular with companies that store or transport boxes below 1 degree, this is the no-nonsense tape that will resolve those frustrations with boxes becoming unstuck, no matter what conditions they go through! We can also pre-print this with a message with your branding, or special handling instructions.


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