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Surge Film

Why Choose Between Cutting Costs Or Cutting Down On Plastics When You Can Have Both?
SURGE Film makes it simple to do both
With more and more businesses looking for a way to incorporate sustainable packaging into their daily operations, we devised a way to allow for an eco-friendly packaging solution that also helps to cut back on costs. After all, why should businesses have to choose between cutting plastics and affordability? Surge Film is a pallet wrap that makes it simple to do both, without settling for a trade-off.

Why Surge?

What this means?

What Makes Surge Film Different?

Surge Film is a machine applied pallet wrap specially engineered to provide security and stability, so you can have confidence in every pallet. With a unique 55-layer latticed construction, Surge Film raises the bar for snap resistance and holding force that has been rigorously tested to meet EUMOS 40503:2020 standards. Due to its level of testing, Surge Film boasts a 420% stretch capacity and takes the number one spot as the most reliable UK stretch film.

What Makes Surge Film An Environmentally Friendly Packaging Solution?

Made using recycled content, this is a green pallet wrap that helps your business to meet its sustainability aims. After use, Surge Film is 100% recyclable, massively reducing waste. If you’ve been wondering how to cut down on single-use plastic, this wrap offers an eco-friendly alternative to non-recyclable options. This wrap offers much more than securely wrapped pallets, it gives your business reduced costs and a contribution to the environment.

The science behind SURGE Savings

The science behind Surge Film is what makes it such a secure option. If avoiding wasted film is your goal, the increased stretch resistance and machine performance help to lower the number of wraps needed. Optimum puncture resistance also cuts down on material wastage, with less snapping and re-working needed. The latticed structure of the film offers unbeatable impact absorption to keep goods secure in transit, and the unique polymer blend allows application at a far lower thickness.

Faster Wrapping

Constructed using high strength polymer, Surge Film allows for faster and more efficient wrapping without snags or line stoppages. With less thickness, this film takes up far less storage and disposable space, ensuring every level of your operation can benefit from Surge

Safer and more stable Pallets

With 420% super stretch and a strong snap proof film, you can have confidence in the security of your pallets. Surge Film helps to reduce damages in transit and downtime

Recycled Content

Made using recycled materials, Surge Film lessens the impact of the Single-Use Plastic Tax on your business. Disposing of used film is simple as it’s a 100% recyclable packaging solution, driving sustainability and making Surge Film the best eco packaging available.

Want to reduce plastics? Take our 3-minute palletwrap reduction audit to see what SURGE Machine Film can do for you.
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