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Looking For A Way To Reduce Your Businesses Plastic Waste?
Switch To Paper For An Effective And Environmentally Friendly Packaging Solution

Here at Bridge Johnson, we’re committed to finding eco-friendly packaging solutions that not only drive your packaging operations forward but go towards reaching your environmental goals. We’re always looking for the best and brightest innovations in the world of packaging to come up with clever ways to make your dispatch operations more efficient, more cost-effective and more green.

With the high percentage of plastic packaging waste, w’ve been exploring how to cut down plastic use. We’ve worked with some of the biggest industry leaders to develop pallet wrap solutions including Eco-Stretch which slashes plastic waste by 70%, the 100% recyclable Surge Film and even eliminated the need for pallet wrap entirely with ZeroWrap.

While we have a range of green packaging options, what better way to cut back on plastic use is there than not using plastic at all! Introducing PaperShip, a plastic-free range of packaging products that have everything you need, including:
Have any questions on how PaperShip can transform your packaging operation? Our experts are always on hand to answer your queries.
We know that aside from reaching your businesses eco-friendly goals, the first thing that comes to mind with paper packaging is load stability and safe delivery of goods. At Bridge Johnson, we know how important it is to ensure a safe delivery, which is why we’ve tested our PaperShip range and are proud to supply the highest quality options that keep your goods secure.
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