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Strapping Tools

When it comes to the application of polyester or polypropylene strapping, doing it correctly is what ensures that your goods arrive safely. Plastic strapping is an essential part of securing items of varying weight and is the most common method of ensuring load stability for pallets and binding items together. 

Here at Bridge Johnson, we have a wide range of tools that make applying strapping to your items easier than ever, so you can have full confidence when you dispatch. 

Hand tensioning tools give you an easy and efficient method of applying tension to your plastic wrapping. This means that your strapping stays firmly in place around your pallets, cartons, or products, and prevents damage from moving around in transit. 

When it comes to making sure your straps are secure, adding a seal to your tightened strapping is the best way to finish the process. Our selection of sealing tools allows you to attach your seal and ensure your strapping is firmly held in place.

If efficiency is at the top of your list of priorities, then why not speed up your process with a combi tool? These handy tools incorporate a tensioner, securer and a cutter for optimum productivity. 


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