Post: The Top 4 Common Packaging Mistakes That Could Be Costing You Money

Here at Bridge Johnson, we’ve been helping businesses optimise their dispatch operation for more than a decade. With hundreds of solutions delivered and trusted partnerships made, we know a thing or two about saving costs, improving productivity and ensuring safety. Implementing entirely new packaging processes can be pretty demanding, whether it’s finding the right products or getting your team on board, there are many factors that pose a challenge. But, what if there are easy ways to cut costs without overhauling your current practices?

Many businesses are unaware that seemingly small missteps in their packaging process can have a big impact on their bottom line. In this blog, we’ll go over four of the most common mistakes that could be costing your business money, why they affect your budget, and how you can avoid them. So, scroll on for expert advice that could help you save money and improve your process.

1. Over-Applying Pallet Wrap

Overusing pallet wrap is one of the mistakes we see most often, yet is usually overlooked as an area of wastage. Pallet wrap is essential for many businesses across the UK, providing load security for large scale dispatch operations. However, it’s surprisingly easy to use far too much, which can cause problems for cost-reduction efforts.

Wasted pallet wrap can happen for a variety of reasons. Using a sub-par film that isn’t optimised for your application can lead to punctures and breakages, meaning you’re quite literally throwing money away! Or, when it comes to pallet wrapping machines, using the wrong settings is a common mistake that causes unnecessary waste.

The right pallet wrap makes a massive difference to your budget and waste management. Surge Film is an excellent example of a machine applied wrap that cuts back on expenses and carbon emissions. With an ultra-thin construction that doesn’t sacrifice puncture resistance, Surge Film reduces plastic use by 43% and costs by 25%.

2. Over-Sized Cartons

Cardboard boxes are a reliable packaging solution that manages to be robust, affordable and environmentally friendly. That’s why it may surprise businesses to know that using the wrong cardboard carton can actually be a big issue for your budget. We consistently see businesses changing the design, shape and pack quantities of what they produce – but then overlooking the need to right-size their boxes to accommodate this! 

Either way, using a carton that’s too large leads to spending far more than you should be on void fill, and a higher risk of breakages. Choosing cardboard boxes for your products shouldn’t be a complicated process, which is why we offer optimisation audits.

One of our packaging experts will conduct an in-person evaluation, and match you with the right packaging solution for your business. Vari-depth cartons can also help, by at least reducing the amount of void fill your goods require to arrive in perfect condition.

3. Ineffective Packaging Tape

Tape is a staple of any packaging process and is by far the most popular sealing method for business. Choosing the right tape is crucial to both your product security and budget, yet many operations rely on subpar options. It’s seen as common practice to use multiple strips of tape when applying by hand, but all this does is increase packaging spend and unnecessary plastic use. 

Using an ineffective packaging tape can easily be fixed, and here at Bridge Johnson, we have plenty of options. We highly recommend E-Tape Plus 52, a versatile packaging tape that uses additional adhesive. This means you’re far less likely to require extra tape, saving expenses and cutting back plastic use.

4. Relying On Single-Use Plastic

More businesses are seeking sustainable solutions than ever before, and reducing the amount of virgin and single-use plastic is more important than ever. We’ve touched on the new plastic tax on our blog before, and it bears repeating! From the 1st of April, any businesses using plastic packaging components that use less than 30% recycled materials can expect extra charges. 

This tax means that not opting for sustainable packaging solutions with less virgin plastic is not only in the interest of the environment but your budget. There are many innovative solutions you can count on that are exempt from the new tax, and we can help you find the right one for your operation.

If you rely on pallet wrap to protect your goods, then EcoStretch is a fantastic way to avoid additional costs. Made using 30% recycled post-consumer content, this wrap delivers excellent load stability while remaining plastic tax exempt. No matter your dispatch operations requirement, our team of packaging experts are here to find the best packaging products.

Find The Right Packaging Process With Our Online And Onsite Audits

Our team has a decade of experience delivering packaging solutions tailored to the specific needs of hundreds of businesses. To find out how we can streamline your operations and reduce packaging spend, why not try out our audits? With an onsite visit or an online run-through of your packaging process, our experts will identify any areas with unnecessary expenses and cut costs.


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