Post: 3 Finance Options For Pallet Wrappers

Many businesses across the UK rely on pallet wrap as an effective way to secure palletised goods for transit. While hand film is a sturdy option, machine applied pallet wrap is the most common packaging solution for busy distribution lines. Every dispatch operation is different and poses unique challenges. Whether it’s floor space, the level of staffing or the volume of pallets, we offer a range of pallet wrappers to meet varied requirements.

There are a host of factors to consider when it comes to investing in a pallet wrapping machine, and budget is the main concern for many. Here at Bridge Johnson, we strive to make packaging effortless. That’s why we provide several financing options for Pallet Wrap Machines.

If you’re unsure how to acquire the optimal pallet wrapper for your packaging process, we have it sorted. In this blog, we’re breaking down three of our purchase options that allow your business to improve productivity, safety and security.

Pay Per Pallet

One of the simplest ways to introduce a pallet wrapper is by paying a fixed rate for every pallet wrapped. Pay per pallet is an ideal solution for dispatch operations that need to quickly secure a reliable pallet wrap machine that can keep up with production. 

This finance option is most popular among businesses that cannot raise CAPEX, and are seeking to adopt new solutions such as our sustainable pallet wrap Surge Film. Choosing a pallet wrap that optimises your process makes all the difference to your productivity and security, and this finance option allows your business to do so within your consumable packaging spend.

The cost you pay per pallet depends on the grade of pallet wrapper required, how many are needed, your load type, and the number of pallets dispatched. We even provide an arrangement where ownership is transferred to your business after a given period. A cost-effective way to acquire a pallet wrapper, pay per pallet is a fantastic way to quickly secure a high-performance machine.


Perhaps investing in a brand new pallet wrap machine is not in the best interest of your budget, or you cannot raise the capital required to buy outright. In these cases, we recommend leasing a pallet wrapper as an affordable alternative to purchasing a new machine. 

We offer a variety of options, including long term and short term leases to suit the needs of your operation. Businesses looking to rent a pallet wrapper may have experienced a surge in the volume of pallets for dispatch or are seeking a solution that provides a consistent payoff over a set period.

No matter the needs of your dispatch operation, our machines offer high-performance your team can rely on. At the end of your lease period, we offer the option to keep your current pallet wrapper. Or, if your requirements have changed, you can opt for a newer option to update your processes.

Outright Purchase

While leasing and pay per pallet financing provide excellent options for businesses that cannot raise CAPEX, buying outright is still the most cost-effective option. One of the main reasons why investing in a pallet wrapper may be the optimal choice for your business is the quick pay-back period. Once invested in, these machines will prove their worth and pay back the overall investment much faster than other capital assets – for many of our clients, it’s in less than a year. 

As one of the leading distributors of Robopac pallet wrap machines in the UK, we provide the leading brand of pallet wrap machinery in Europe at the most competitive rates. Complemented with our own specialist engineering support, shifting up a gear in your wrapping processes has never been easier. To find out more about our models and finance options, our team of packaging experts are available to provide you with specialist advice

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