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Reduce Your Plastic Use With Eco-Friendly Packaging Solutions

With more and more single-use plastic reaching landfills, many businesses are opting for sustainable packaging solutions for their operation. Half of all single-use plastic waste comes from packaging, and we think it’s time to make a change. Here at Bridge Johnson, we take pride in helping businesses reach their environmental goals. Whether you are striving towards a company sustainability milestone or just aiming to feel a smaller cost impact from the 2022 plastic tax, we have a solution to get you there; or the knowledge and expertise to create custom packaging bespoke.

Or explore our leading sustainable brands yourself – with more coming soon!

Find The Sustainable Packaging That Will Change Your Operation

Our green products include biodegradable packaging as well as recycled packaging that maintains unparalleled security. Our high-stretch pallet wrap EcoStretch is made using 70% recycled plastic and is exempt from the UK’s upcoming plastic tax. For a zero-plastic solution ideal for closed-loop distribution channels, ZeroWrap is an incredibly easy way to cut down plastic use.

No matter your goals, we can help you find the eco packaging solution that is perfect for you. We’ve helped businesses reduce their plastic use by 50%, so no matter how ambitious the target, we’ll help you hit it. If you’re unsure where to get started, our online plastics reduction audit shows you where you can begin reducing your plastic use on every pallet you dispatch. For more information on our greener products, or to organise a one on one consultation with one of our expert team members free of charge, get in touch.


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