Texus Tape

When it comes to securely sealing your goods, there’s no better way to do it than with Texus Tape. This tape is fantastically robust, for even the most demanding of applications, and goes a long way toward ensuring your packages arrive safely. 

Texus tape is an excellent choice for consistent performance, no matter what the conditions, and gives incredibly reliable results every time. It even performs well in low temperatures like those in refrigerators and freezers, making it the perfect tape for colder environments.

Unbeatable Adhesion

While most standard tape uses an acrylic adhesive, Texus tape is backed with a stronger hot melt adhesive, resulting in increased bonding power. Its tough adhesive system is what makes this tape such a popular choice, and why we offer it in any colour. To find out which colour suits your packaging operations needs, why not contact our team?

This polypropylene packaging tape gives exceptional ease of use, but for the best results, we recommend pairing it with our high-performance tape dispensers and our Robopac machines. Available in both hand tape and machine tape options, it’s no surprise that Texus Tape is one of the most trusted options out there.

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Texus Tape

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