E-Tape PLUS-52

One of the best selling E-Tape options, it’s no surprise that this tape is a go-to for most daily packaging applications. With premium-quality and 127% more tape on the same diameter roll, E-Tape is revolutionising the way we secure packaging. The smaller core of the roll allows for much more tape compared to the standard options, and the extra tape per 150 m length cuts waste, saving you money, storage space and even time in the process. 

Reduce Plastic Use With Powerful Adhesive

E-Tape PLUS 52 boasts additional sticky adhesive, massively reducing the amount of tape you need to secure your boxes and providing a cost-effective and efficient way to seal goods. An excellent option for all common packaging processes, this tape boosts productivity and helps to cut back on unnecessary waste. 

Benefit From Ergonomic Handling

For the smoothest application possible, we recommend pairing this tape with the unique E-Tape dispenser, which offers high-quality performance with every use. With excellent user comfort, this dispenser is designed to soundlessly and effortlessly apply E-Plus tape. You can even enjoy this easy packaging process for free when you order five boxes of E-Tape.

This tape, in particular, works well with cardboard and plastic materials as well as painted and unpainted surfaces. The environmentally friendly adhesive offers a strong carrier film that won’t split. If you’re interested in using E-Tape PLUS 52 for your box sealing needs, then reach out to our team of packaging experts. We’re happy to answer any questions you may have while giving you advice on how to optimise your packaging operation.

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E-Tape PLUS-52

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