Transfer Tape

Used where two items need to adhere closely together, this tape carries a release liner, and is applied to a surface but leaves only the hot-melt adhesive.

Specialist Tape

Need a specialist tape that’s not included in this range?

Printed Tape

We offer competitive pricing on custom printed tape, allowing you to print your brand imagery or instructions.

Heat Activated Tape

A premium paper tape which adheres to itself when activated by heat, this is mainly used in the print industry for bundling leaflets. Available with coloured strips for batch identification to increase operational efficiency.

Self Adhesive Paper Tape

Environmentally friendly recyclable tape. An alternative to gummed paper tape without the mess and need for an independent moisturising system.

Gummed Paper Tape

Made of recyclable paper, the tacky adhesive on this tape activates when moistened.

Double Sided Tape

This high tack, general purpose double sided tape is ideal for bonding two surfaces together such as paper, board, wood and card.

Documents Enclosed Pouch Tape

A great, cost-effective alternative to documents enclosed wallets, pouch tape is an efficient way to secure invoices and other paperwork to your parcels.

Cloth Tape

This popular product is often known as gaffer or duct tape.

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