Contract Bottler Seeks Urgent Operational Improvements


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Greater Glasgow

Savings Goal

£20,000 + saved

Sustainability Improvement

43% Plastic reduction

 Client Need

The client reached out to us after having an operational restructure. The incoming Operations Manager was faced with cutting the backlog, preventing quality problems that had crept in, and getting a swift improvement to the rising overhead costs that he had inherited.

It became apparent that the business had been buying a stretch film from a supplier which hadn’t offered any optimisation and resultantly, they were using excessive plastic; therefore, incurring additional costs and wasted expenditure with every pallet dispatched.

In addition, there had been no effort to optimise or maintain the pallet wrap machinery which meant that the client’s stretch film yield and efficiency was gradually declining month on month.

Bridge Johnson Solution

The Operations Manager made contact after noting our experience with food and beverage clients. We were quickly able to recommend one of our most popular product lines; set up the account and deliver within two days. Consequently, the Operations team saw an immediate cost saving on every pallet dispatched. This was followed by onsite audit and film optimisation check, resulting in the client saving over 40% on plastic usage and improving costs by a further 20%.

To help tackle the operational backlog, our team created a business case for the Operations manager to justify investing in new pallet wrappers, to the company board. This was promptly passed, and our teams assisted with installation, setup and post-implementation training

Client Outcome
Alongside the client resolving their operational backlog and beginning to align better with their sustainability and cost saving goals, they also benefitted from improved reputation in the market place, which was important for the client, as a third-party bottler.
The client then used our services to optimise a range of other packaging materials, resulting in consolidation and further cost savings for the business.


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