Packaging Optimisation For Tennent's Cambuslang Distribution Centre


Tennent’s Cambuslang


Greater Glasgow

Savings Goal

£20,000 + saved

Sustainability Improvement

43% Plastic reduction

Client Need

In 2019, the warehouse’s Depot Manager found themselves experiencing service issues with their packaging supplier. Pallet wrap machines continually broke down, and the supplier was slow to respond with assistance – the last thing a busy operation needs. Additionally, sustainability had become a focus with Tennent’s and they found there was no proactive action from the supplier to offer carbon-reduced products. Running an operation that demands such a high output is time-consuming, and the beverage provider needed effective results quickly.

That’s where we stepped in. Tennent’s Cambuslang welcomed the approach from Bridge Johnson after seeing the cost savings and sustainability improvements we helped similar companies achieve. An onsite audit conducted by one of our packaging experts revealed three key areas that offered immediate advancements for Tennent’s operation.

Bridge Johnson Solution

Tape Usage

The previous supplier provided a 66m tape, which meant the rolls required changing frequently. In a large warehouse such as the Cambuslang distribution centre, this resulted in operators spending far too much time walking back and forth to stores to change over rolls.

Bridge Johnson’s Plus 52 E-Tape reduced this downtime by 2.3 times, as the rolls only need to be changed every 150m. Aside from cutting back on wasted time, E-Tape also saved critical space in a fast-expanding warehouse, as each roll is 127% longer.

Switching to E-Tape also presented benefits to administration staff, who can now order 56% fewer rolls throughout the year while getting the same meterage of tape. This also helped reduce packaging spend, offering a cost-per-metre saving.

Pallet Wrap

The pallet distributor previously used a 20-micron pallet wrap and used over 250g of film on every pallet dispatched. However, changing the thickness of the film was something staff didn’t want to risk without the best support possible.

After Bridge Johnson’s onsite stability testing, Tennent’s Cambuslang made the switch to SURGE Elite 600 film, a 12mu film, and improved load stability in the process. In terms of sustainability, the plastic used on every pallet dispatched has been reduced by 43%, and operators have noted the increased stability.

Machinery Support

The previous maintenance contract for Tennent’s pallet wrappers was extremely expensive, and response times were very poor. They now have access to Bridge Johnson’s specialised engineer network, which provides fast response times should anything go wrong.

A good maintenance contract is essential, keeping machines in great working order so pallets are wrapped consistently, and with minimal downtime.

Client Outcome
Overall, the team at Tennent’s’ Cambuslang view the move to Bridge Johnson as a very worthwhile switch. Not only due to the cost and sustainability improvements but also having confidence in a supplier that understands their operation and consistently offers value-adding solutions that leave a long-lasting benefit on warehouse efficiency and protect the depot against unwanted cost increases.


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