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Wicketted Polythene Bags

Keep your polythene bags close at hand, but not in the way, with our wicketed polythene bags. Incredibly useful and effective, these bags serve as a guard against dust, tampering and moisture. Here at Bridge Johnson, we offer an array of packaging solutions that boost your team's productivity and keep your output on track. So, what are wicketed bags? 

Wicketed polythene bags are stacked polythene bags, mounted on a wire bracket and held in place by two steel spokes. These spokes mean that you can keep dozens of polythene bags in one place, and your team can simply tear off their bags as they need them. If you feel as though fiddling with regular bags is affecting your team’s packaging speed, then wicketed bags are the solution for you.

The convenient nature of wicketed polythene bags makes them ideal for fast-moving environments, but that’s not where the benefits stop. These bags are perfect for food packaging, including hot food, and are an excellent addition to your daily processes. As a trusted wicketed poly bags manufacturer, we offer a range of sizes and lengths so you can find the option that works best for you.

Even closing wicketed bags is a simple process. Tape can be applied to the ends for quick and effective sealing, and they also work well with ties as well as heat sealing for a seamless effect. These custom wicketed bags are fantastically priced for a cost-effective solution that delivers incredible results with ease.


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