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Typhoon Corded Polyester Strapping

Securing heavy-duty goods for shipping can be a tall order. Whether you need to bind them together, or just have a large volume of items to palletise, polyester strapping is a tough solution that gets the job done. 

The strongest form of plastic strapping, polyester is used in a variety of industries to secure and load heavyweight items. One of the most common strapping methods, polyester is an efficient and highly effective method that delivers excellent results with ease.

While extruded polyester is the most popular kind of plastic strapping, Typhoon corded polyester strapping is just as strong. Polyester strapping is so tough that it’s often used to take on heavy loads in place of traditional steel strapping. 

The low break risk is common of high tenacity polyester fibre, and the strong qualities make it an ideal strapping material. For optimum strength, why not pair it with our steel buckles?

While it provides unbeatable levels of strength, the woven polyester is far softer than its extruded counterpart. Thanks to its softness, it can be used by hand easily, without causing damage to your skin or your goods.

• Type of seal: metal buckle

• Different colours: white as standard, printed available

• Type of core: cardboard 76 mm I.D.

• Bale press corded polyester strapping has 63mm I.D.


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