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Tornado Polyester Strapping

Here at Bridge Johnson, we understand the importance of securing heavy-duty goods. Getting your items from A to B in great condition is a priority for many businesses, and one of the most common methods of loading and bundling heavyweight items is polyester strapping. 

Versatile, cost-effective and easy to apply, plastic strapping is a fantastic method for securing larger items and stabilising pallets. A popular choice across a range of industries, extruded polyester offers unparalleled tensile strength. 

The durability of polyester means that it’s often used in place of steel strapping, which is traditionally the choice for demanding loads. 

Tornado polyester strapping outperforms its steel counterpart in heavyweight load securing applications, as it has more elastic than steel and is less likely to snap under pressure. Despite its high elasticity, this strapping is able to retain tension, even when loads settle. Affordable and lightweight, the plastic will not rust, is easy to apply and has high impact resistance.

This strapping is normally applied with a friction weld strapping machine and is available to order in a wide range of sizes and strengths.



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