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Category: Strapping

Tenso Polypropylene Hand Strapping

By far one of the most popular ways to get peace of mind in the stability of your goods, polypropylene hand strapping is a versatile method of securing items for transit. Whether you’re bundling items together, wrapping pallets, or securing items to fixed areas, plastic strapping lets you do it efficiently and effectively. 

Strapping your products makes sure they stay stable during the shipping process and arrive in the best condition possible. Most commonly used for pallets, hand strapping is an affordable way to get fantastic load stability.

Our Tenso polypropylene hand strapping is ideal for use with light to medium-duty items, as while it’s not as strong as polyester, it has enough strength for less heavy goods. This plastic reel strapping should be used with a dispenser and is applied by hand. 

The metal or welded heat seal helps to reduce the risk of splitting or breaking and ensures your strapping stays secure. Supplied in black with other colours available to order, these rolls are a multi-use cost-effective solution.


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