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Tamper Evident Tapes & Labels

Here at Bridge Johnson, we understand that keeping your goods protected from tampering or potential pilferage and contamination during storage or transit is important to your dispatch operation. However, trying to prevent damage can be tricky not to mention time consuming and costly. 

If you need a simple yet effective way to protect your items, then our tamper-evident tape and labels are the perfect packaging solutions. The pricey consequence of damage in transit makes these Tip N Tell labels are fantastically affordable and are a must-have to keep your items in excellent condition.

Quickly Alert To Mishandling

These labels and tapes work by immediately alerting parcel recipients of any mishandling or if they haven’t been shipped upright, letting them check for damage quickly. To operate, all you have to do is attach the label or tape to the side of the package. 

Attach Labels With Ease

This can be done by either using the self-adhesive backing or with any of our other sealing products like tape or staples. Once attached, simply activate the monitor and get ready to ship. If the parcel is ever tilted by 90 degrees, the bold white arrow will turn blue to indicate that there may be potential damage or contamination. Easy to use and affordable, these anti-tampering labels are often used in the food or pharmaceutical industry, as well as for bonding doors and hospital trolleys.

If you need a way to prevent contamination, why not pair tamper-evident tape with one of our package warning labels? Or, prevent danger with our vinyl hazard labels. You can even customise your packaging with customised bespoke labels.


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