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Category: Strapping

Steel Strapping

When it comes to securing heavy, large, or awkwardly shaped items, the demanding application requires strong strapping. No matter if you’re palletising goods, bundling items together or simply working with tougher materials; steel strapping is the way forward.

While polyester has largely replaced steel as the preferred strapping method for most heavyweight loads, it is still available for applications that require it.

While our range of polyester strapping outperforms steel in terms of elasticity, which means it’s less likely to break due to tension, there are specific materials where steel is still the best option. For example, when dealing with items with sharp or irregular edges, steel strapping gives unparalleled protection and is far less likely to break.

Here at Bridge Johnson, we offer mill wound (or oscillated wound) steel strapping as well as ribbon wound options in regular or high tensile grades. If you are not sure which of our many choices is suitable for your application, don’t hesitate to reach out to one of our team members for expert advice suited to your operation.


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