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Category: Cardboard

Single Wall Cartons

Cardboard boxes are a multi-use, affordable and effective method of protecting items from damage during the shipping process. If ensuring customer satisfaction and reducing the risk of breakages or scuffs with every order is a priority for your dispatch operation, then our single wall cardboard cartons are what you need. 

With sturdy and high-quality protection, without an excessive price point, single wall cartons give your goods all the security required. 

These versatile cardboard boxes feature a four flap design and arrive packed flat to take up less storage space. Easy to assemble and durable, these boxes simply require sealing with tape along the top and bottom. 

Our range of tapes has a wide variety to choose from, including sustainable paper options and custom printed tape with your branding. Lightweight and impact-resistant, these single wall cartons are effective at protecting your goods from damage in transit, all while being sustainable. Reusable for internal operations and recyclable, cardboard boxes are an environmentally friendly packaging solution.

Our single wall cartons are available in a selection of sizes to suit many industries, and our team of experts are always on hand with advice on the best option for the job. 


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