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Category: Polythene

Polythene Sheeting

Here at Bridge Johnson, we believe that packaging solutions should be versatile and easy to use, all while protecting your goods. Heavy duty polythene sheeting is a cost-effective and multi-purpose method for guarding everything from pallets to floors. No matter what you need to keep in good condition, we have the solution for you.

This polythene sheeting roll is simple to use and can be customised to suit your needs. All you need to do is cut your clear sheeting to size, and since it is multi-folded, you and your team can enjoy far greater ease of use. 

If you need an affordable way to quickly protect your pallets, polythene sheeting rolls are the way to go! These plastic sheets fit over the top of pallets to protect items from moisture, dust, light and weather. They can also be used as handy weatherproofing, as well as floor protection in busy warehouse environments. For quick access and application, the roll keeps your sheeting close to hand.

We offer our polythene sheeting in a variety of thicknesses, for everything from light to heavy duty protection for your goods. You can also choose from a selection of sizes, to protect larger palletised items as well as smaller goods and surface areas. 

While clear polythene sheeting is the most popular option, particularly when you need to quickly check items, we do offer a range of colours. Whether you need heavy duty black polythene sheeting to cover sensitive or costly goods or coloured polythene sheeting for quick differentiation, we’ve got it covered.


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