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Polythene Mailing Bags

Polythene mailing bags are an affordable and highly effective method of protecting your goods while in transit, and at Bridge Johnson, we have an excellent variety to choose from.  Available in different sizes, all of which are made from strong grey polythene. This material is durable and reliable, resistant to tears and scrapes while remaining very lightweight to cut down on postal costs and save some money.

Cut Down Packing Times With A Self Adhesive Strip

Incredibly practical, our polythene mailing bags are easy to use with a self-applied strip adhesive that makes securing your items simple. When you’ve finished packing your items, just peel back the adhesive and press it down on the lip of the bag. The adhesive tightly keeps all of your mailing bags closed without the need for extra tape for an easier process.

With fantastic ease of use, these mailing bags are a must-have packaging solution for fast-paced dispatch operations. Since these bags can be sealed in just a few seconds without the need for scissors or tape, which makes organisation even easier for team members at packing stations by reducing clutter.

Lightweight And Cost-Effective Packaging

Our mailing bags are made using polythene, allowing for a cost-effective and lightweight packaging solution. These bags are not perfect for writing on, however, you can customise your mailing bags with our bespoke made labels to let customers know shipping instructions, as well as your own unique branding.

Polythene mailings sacks are a fantastically versatile way to package a variety of different items while saving money and streamlining your packaging process. For more information, get in touch with our packaging experts.


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