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Category: Polythene

Polythene Bags

Polythene bags for packaging are one of the most versatile, and most popular, methods for packing a variety of goods. Here at Bridge Johnson, we offer a selection of general use and specialised polythene bags. When it comes to securing everything from a large number of small items such as nuts or bolts to food items, our polythene bags are an excellent choice for a high-performance finish.

These bags can all be safely used with food, and are available in a huge stock of sizes as well as varying degrees of thickness. Lightweight polythene bags are ideal for packaging smaller less heavy items such as clothing, food or small parts. While the bag may be light, this option still provides protection in transit at a good cost.

Medium duty plastic bags provide excellent versatility and can protect a variety of items while keeping costs to a minimum. If you need something a little bit tougher, heavy duty plastic bags provide your goods with unbeatable protection and can hold far more weight.

All our thicknesses provide durability and puncture resistance, as well as guarding against dust and moisture. While tears and scrapes during transit can occur, these bags help to provide strong protection from any damage in the shipping process. Closing these bags is simple, with a heat sealer that closes your bag securely.

The high clarity clear finish gives a professional-looking finish, giving a high-quality presentation for end-users. The strong seal also helps to prevent tampering, as the heat-sealed finish makes accessing items difficult.


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