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Parcel Labels

When it comes to a successful dispatch operation, ensuring that each item is handled appropriately can go a long way. Reducing damage in transit caused by mishandling or wrong storage condition can help save money on broken goods and keep your reputation and relationships with your customers strong. One of the quickest ways to get your message across the board is with one of our parcel labels. 

Get Your Message Seen With Pre-Printed Labels

Perfectly practical and easy to use, these labels are an excellent (and cost-effective!) method of ensuring your team and beyond knows exactly how to handle certain goods. Available pre-printed in a wide variety of messages, these labels take into account a range of potential issues.

When it comes to dealing with dangerous materials, our selection of vinyl notices is ideal for making sure potentially hazards can be avoided. Or, stop tampering and damage with our preventative tapes and labels. If personalising your packages is appealing, why not customise them with your own branding? Our bespoke labels let you choose the details for your packaging for a professional look.

Prevent Mishandling

If your goods are packaged in a way that requires particular handling, we have pre-printed parcel labels with care instructions. This allows you to spot exactly how to carry or transport goods with a glance, helping to decrease the chance of damaged items. We also carry labels printed with safety instructions and information, boosting safety for your team. 

While our pre-printed labels have a varied selection, we also have blank labels ready for your customisation! Whether it’s quick notices or messages for your team we offer easy to peel and stick labels in different sizes and shapes. Simply write your notice, stick and go.


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