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Category: Polythene

Pallet Top Sheets

Wrapping your items securely with pallet wrap, or with one of our innovative alternatives such as ZeroWrap, is the first step towards protecting your palletised goods. However, even after they have been secured they can often need some additional protection. When it comes to dispatching your goods, the last thing you want is for them to be exposed to potential damage while in storage. 

Here at Bridge Johnson, we think that protecting your pallets should be simple! Our pallet top sheets are a cost-effective solution that guards against harmful environments and keeps your goods in perfect condition.

We offer a selection of pallet covers in both full-length polythene covers as well as our handy pallet topper options. Pallet top sheeting is an excellent choice for protecting goods against moisture and dust, especially in factory environments. They can also be used in situations where your pallets might be exposed to the weather for short periods of time.

These sheets have excellent ease of use, as they easily fit over pallets with little effort. Supplied on a perforated roll, simply tear off your sheet and lay it over the top for quick and hassle-free protection. Durable and fuss-free, these pallet toppers are a great choice for protecting palletised goods.

Available in both clear and black, you can choose between the two for the option that best suits you. Aside from guarding against dirt or moisture, these covers can also be used to detect any tampering and provide your goods with extra security.


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