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Category: Polythene

Pallet Covers

Keep your palletised goods under wraps and protected, with these simple yet effective polythene pallet covers. Protecting your goods with our range of innovative pallet wraps, including the recycled EcoStretch and Surge Film which uses 50% less plastic than traditional pallet wrap options, is the first step but what about additional security? When you need your goods to arrive safely, ensuring they don’t come to any unnecessary damage is important.

We’re all about making a difference when it comes to clever and impactful packaging. These pallet covers are an inexpensive method that offers an extra layer of protection for your palletised goods, especially in demanding environments.

Here at Bridge Johnson, we offer a selection of pallet protection that includes handy pallet top sheets as well as our full-length pallet covers. For all-over protection against dust and moisture in warehouse environments, polythene pallet covers are a fantastic choice. They also provide excellent protection if your pallets are exposed to light weather for small periods of time.

Fantastically easy to use, our covers fit easily over pallets for a quick user experience. Secured on a perforated roll, all your team has to do is tear off a cover and fit it over the top of your goods with no fuss. Reliable and strong, these covers provide excellent results with ease.

Our pallet covers are transparent, allowing you to quickly assess your goods without any difficulty. These polythene covers can also be used as a way to note any tampering and give greater security.


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