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Category: Pallet wrap

Manual Palletwrap Dispenser

Here at Bridge Johnson, we get that when dealing with a higher volume of pallets, keeping things moving is key. Your dispatch operation relies on your team being able to wrap efficiently, and consistently wrapping pallets can be tough on your hands. When it comes to the safety of your team and the productivity of your packaging process, our manual pallet wrap dispensers make it much easier. 

These dispensers help take care of health and safety concerns and help to speed up the pace of your dispatch operation by reducing the risk of user fatigue. Paller wrap dispensers make moving your wrap around much easier and can be adjusted to fit 400mm and 500mm pallet wrap. These dispensers feature a core of 38mm and 50mm

Easy to use for fast application, these dispensers feature ergonomic handles to make for a more comfortable user experience. All in all, these tools are a must-have addition to your packaging process for consistent results in a shorter amount of time.


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