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Category: Polythene

Lay Flat Tubing

A versatile alternative to traditional plastic bags, lay flat tubing is a versatile solution to packaging long or unwieldy items. Often used in warehouse environments, LFT is polythene tubing wound onto a roll for easy continual use. While regular polythene bags do provide security, polythene lay flat tubing can be customised to fit the item you need. 

To package your items safely and securely, all you need to do is slide the polythene tubing over your items, cut to size, and seal with a heat sealer, tape, staples or simply tie both ends. A multi-use packaging solution ideal for awkward items or for when you have a varied range of goods in different sizes, LFT has unbeatable flexibility.

While polythene tubing is undoubtedly the best choice for customised packaging, and for instances where varying bag sizes are needed, that’s not all it has to offer. Lay flat tubing is water-resistant, protecting your goods from moisture as well as dirt or damage that may occur in transit. Made using polythene, this tubing provides excellent protection for your items.

Here at Bridge Johnson, we’re all about providing multifaceted solutions. We offer lay flat tubing in 2” to over 40” in varying thicknesses. Our lighter duty options are ideal for simple plastic bags, particularly for lightweight food items. If you have to package bulky items, then our heavy-duty options are ideal, while our higher gauge tubing offers a greater level of abrasion resistance. No matter what you need, our team of packaging experts can help you find what you need.


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