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Hot-Melt Adhesive Gun & Adhesive

When it comes to bonding a range of materials, nothing gives you results quite like a hot glue gun and adhesive. Hot melt glue guns are easy to use and deliver reliable security every time, making them a must-have in any dispatch operation. 

Paired perfectly with our cylindrical sticks of hot melt adhesive, these guns work by melting the glue sticks at a high temperature, allowing the user to apply glue to any area. As the glue cools and hardens the adhesive allows you to securely bond a wide selection of materials such as wood, paper, card, fabric, foam, glass, plastics and cardboard boxes.

Bond Materials Quickly And Securely

With the ability to dispense 1800g of glue per hour and a super speedy warm-up time of just three minutes, you can get to work quickly. The illuminated on and off switch ensures your team’s safety, while the lightweight 450g makes for a comfortable user experience. 

As for sustainability, unlike disposable tape, this glue gun leaves no waste and the eco-efficient self-regulating heater keeps you in line with your environmental goals. The durable nature of this glue gun makes it ideal for regular use, even on big projects. If you need a glue gun that can go the distance, we have the perfect option.

Enjoy Ease Of Use

This glue gun works with 12mm adhesive cylinder sticks, and our strong thermoplastic glue keeps your items tightly sealed together. The extended nozzle gives improved visibility and allows for highly accurate dispensing.

The detachable gun stand allows users to store their guns at your packing station, saving on space and improving employee safety. 


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