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High Clarity Polypropylene Bags

When it comes to retail environments, keeping your products safe is vital to keeping your goods protected and beautifully presented. Whether you’re shipping items for your customers, showing them in-store or even just keeping them protected while in transit we have the solution for you. Here at Bridge Johnson, we have a wide range of poly bags that keep your garments and goods guarded against moisture, dust, tampering, or scuffs and scrapes from the dispatch process.

These clear bags allow you to show your goods off, ready for retail presentation or shipping. The high clarity also makes any evidence of tampering obvious, so you can ensure your garments are in perfect condition before putting them on your shop floor or sending them off to your customers. To pack polypropylene, simply slide your items inside. Once you have them arranged the way you like, simply seal them with the handy self-adhesive strip along the back. 

Once closed, the adhesive keeps these bags firmly closed, sealing off your goods from dirt or moisture with air and watertight benefits. The easily applied seal helps your team move through the packaging process easily and with little fuss.

Printed with high clarity, our polypropylene bags feature a warning notice along the back for customer safety. Available in a variety of sizes to fit an array of garments, you can find the right fit for your items. No matter the task at hand, we have a packaging solution that suits you. For professional advice on products as well as how we can help improve your processes, get in touch with our team.


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