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Hazard Warning Labels

Ensuring the safety of your team, customers and everyone involved in the dispatch process is vitally important when it comes to packaging potentially dangerous goods. Whether you’re shipping delicate, high value or hazardous materials, making sure they’re handled correctly makes all the difference. Get the point across quickly and effortlessly, with our pre-printed hazard warning labels.

Meet Safety Standards

Here at Bridge Johnson, we’re dedicated to keeping your goods and operational staff protected. Our hazard warning labels are available with a wide range of industry-standard messages, printed in bold colours so they won’t be missed. These notices include handling instructions and potential dangers including:

  • Non-Flammable Gas

  • Highly Flammable

  • Flammable Solid

  • Corrosive

Making sure your team gets the message is simple, as all you need to do is peel and stick for effective and affordable safety notices. We offer a range of labels, including our parcel labels printed with care instructions as well as our bespoke options that allow you to customise packages with your own individual branding. We even have preventative tamper proof labels and tapes for additional security.

Pre-printed with all the most common hazard warning labels, these self-adhesive vinyl warning labels are highly visible. Whether you are applying them to packages or around industrial or commercial environments, these labels are durable and highly visible.


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