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Category: Pallet wrap

Hand Film

When it comes to delivering unparalleled load stability, pallet wrap (or stretch film) is the perfect solution. With the ability to stretch around goods loaded onto pallets, the elasticity keeps items secure and close together. This stretch wrap can be applied with ease, either by hand or by using our handheld dispenser.

With a unique formulation, e-stretch pallet wrap is pre-stretched and wound onto the core as is. Since it’s already stretched, this wrap has greater film strength and improves load stability. While other pre-stretched films can have less stretch, e-stretch is designed to still have a residual 40% stretch. 

This makes it wonderfully easy to use and apply, saving your team time and boosting productivity. It also reduces the risk of back strain for additional safety. These rolls are less prone to damage, are available in a standard or extended core, and offer 600m per roll.


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