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Category: Polythene

Grip Seal Bags

Need a durable and reliable packaging solution that you can use over and over again? Grip seal plastic bags are just the thing. These bags offer a quick, simple and secure method of storing, accessing and packaging your goods for sale. You can count on grip seal plastic bags to protect various items from dust, moisture, dirt and potential damage while in transit. 

Safe for food use, these bags are often used in the food processing industry and kitchens. Part of the appeal is by simply pressing the seal until it’s firmly closed to make these bags air and watertight. This keeps your items safe, clean and dirt free. To open, all you need to do is pull the plastic over the seal apart. The practical seal of these bags makes them a fantastic eco-friendly packaging solution, as they can be reused again and again.

Here at Bridge Johnson, we have a wide range of solutions available. We offer our grip seal bags in a range of sizes and styles, including white write-on panel grip seal bags. These panels allow you to label your items and identify them at a glance. With a range of sizes on offer, you can package everything from small spare parts to larger written materials such as user manuals or important documents you need close to hand.

Grip seal bags give your goods excellent presentation and protection, while both opening and closing easily to save your team time and offer a reusable storage option.


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