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Category: Polythene

Garment Covers

Keeping garments protected from potential damage is important, particularly in the garment handling industry. Whether you’re dealing with dry cleaning, transporting valuable clothing or even covering costumes, we have the perfect packaging solution. 

An extremely popular fixture in the garment handling industry, these polythene garment covers keep clothes covered for extra safety while in transit or in storage. What exactly are garment covers? With shaped “shoulders” and a centre hole designed for clothes hangers, they can be slipped over clothing items with ease to guard against moisture, dirt or even tears and scrapes while in transit or storage. 

A cost-effective solution that ensures your clothes or costumes are kept safe and in perfect condition, these bags are a fantastic option for the garment handling industry. These bags are even printed with a useful warning label, helping to ensure customer safety. 

While protecting garments can often be a time-consuming process, these polythene garment bags slip over clothes easily. This cuts down on the time you spend wrapping clothes, boosting your productivity and increasing your output. The lightweight material of the garment bag provides an additional layer of protection, effectively separating items from each other in closely packed areas such as laundromats. 

If you’re on the move with garments, the easy hanger access means you won’t even have to fold items before transit and save time without having to deal with creases. With these polythene bags, it’s easy to ensure that your clothes always look fantastic, and with excellent convenience what’s not to love?


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