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Friction Weld Strapping Tools

Our selection of high-performance strapping tools is crafted to deliver excellent quality and consistent results you can rely on. If your dispatch operation deals with a high volume of packages, then this tool will elevate your process. 

The right strapping tool is the key to ensuring your load is secured safely, and can massively increase the productivity of your team.  We have a wide range of tools that offer fantastic performance, however, our team of experts can help you find the perfect tool for your specific application. 

Here at Bridge Johnson, we’ve teamed up with the market-leading manufacturer Signode. This partnership allows us to offer a varied selection of strapping tools, so we always have the perfect one for your output and load type.

There are many things to consider when choosing the proper strapping tool. Firstly, the material of your strap should depend on if you often use large amounts of strapping, as you could save money and increase productivity (and sustainability) with a tougher option that goes further per each consignment. 

The width of your strapping is also important, if you have a variation, our team can help you find the best tool for versatility. We also make sure to offer a long runtime, many of our handheld strapping tools will perform 550 or more strap cycles per charge. Furthermore, our handheld tools are designed to be ergonomic, allowing your staff to use them comfortably without strain.


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