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Envosafe Protect Bubble-Lined Envelopes

When it comes to shipping out delicate items, reducing the risk of damage in transit is massively important to your dispatch operation. Saving costs on broken items and preventing damages benefits you financially and helps to improve your relationship with your customers. 

Nobody wants damaged goods, but what’s the best way to ship small yet valuable or delicate items? Here at Bridge Johnson, we strive to bring sustainable and effective packaging solutions, and the Envosafe Protect Bubble Lined Envelopes is no exception.

Prevent Damage For Small Delicate Goods

The most popular method of shipping small or delicate goods is by far using padded envelopes, as a convenient alternative to cardboard boxes. While packing cardboard cartons with void fill or packing peanuts is helpful when you have fragile items a little larger than usual, bubble envelopes are unbeatable for smaller goods.

Available in a variety of sizes, we’ll help you find the perfect size of envelope for your items. With insulated bubble wrap lining, these envelopes have built-in protection for a handy two in one option. 

High Protection In A Compact Envelope

Saving on space is never easier, as padded envelopes don’t take up much storage room. When packing your items for transit, all you have to do is slide your goods in, and seal them securely with the adhesive backing. The ease of use of bubble line envelopes helps your production line to move swiftly and improves your productivity.

No matter what you’re dispatching, padded envelopes keep them protected from any possible damage, and keep your dispatch operation running perfectly.


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