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When it comes to heavy-duty sealing jobs, why settle for less than a premium quality packaging tape that gets the job done right in a wide range of conditions. Designed specifically for more demanding applications, this high tack and versatile tape can take on anything from freezing temperatures to any kind of surface. 

Take On Tough Applications

With a high-quality polypropylene construction and premium solvent adhesive, this tape is perfect for sealing in more challenging conditions. The singular properties of this unique tape allow for instant grip on most surfaces, putting it ahead of any competitors with a strong and versatile tape that sticks around in harsh conditions.

Get More Tape For Your Budget

This premium packaging tape offers excellent value for your money, both due to its high adhesive properties reducing the amount of tape needed and the roll size itself. Each 150 m roll features up to 127% more tape than standard packaging tape rolls. The small core of these rolls is what allows for better cost-effectiveness, less waste and easier storage. E-tape also helps you towards your eco-friendly packaging goals, by cutting waste by 56%.

When it comes to traditional packaging tape application, you can often struggle with a slow-moving and pesky process. It takes the difficulty out of the equation, with its unique dispenser. The E-Tape dispenser features an integrated brake system for a smooth application, while the auto-retracting blades ensure user safety. This dispenser is fantastically easy to use and with your first five boxes of E-Tape, you can enjoy one for free.


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