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Category: Cardboard

Double Wall Cartons

Here at Bridge Johnson, we understand that when dealing with heavy loads, it’s important to be able to rely on your packaging. We have a range of cardboard boxes suitable for everything from warehouse packaging to moving boxes. Our single wall cartons provide sturdy protection for a variety of goods and our cardboard tubes are perfect for posters and maps, but, heavy items need more protection. 

Whether you need to guard against scuffs or damage from possible drops, our double wall cardboard boxes offer heavy-duty security at a competitive price. With twice the strength of our regular single wall cartons, the dual layers protect your items with superior impact resistance and ensure that they arrive in perfect condition.

An affordable and effective packaging solution, our double wall cardboard boxes are the ultimate way to protect your heavier goods from the effects of shipping. While they offer twice the protection, these boxes are easy to assemble and store with the help of one of our many tape and dispenser options.


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