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Category: Pallet wrap

Conventional Machine Film

When it comes to saving your team time and increasing your dispatch operations productivity, using a pallet wrap machine can make light work of heavy-duty pallet wrapping tasks. These wraps are the best way to ensure consistent and reliable results, with load stability you can count on. Here at Bridge Johnson, we provide packaging solutions that help to improve security.

These conventional machine films give a high-performance film with excellent stretch capabilities for operations that wrap a smaller number of pallets or use older pallet wrap machines. Our machine wrap is designed to be used continuously, while still providing great yield ability and stretch.

Our range of pallet wrap is available in a variety of options, so you can choose from a versatile range. With power-pre-stretch (or PPS for short!) and standard varieties, this film also comes in three thickness grades. Whether you need clear film for quick inspection or black film for an additional layer of security, we have it covered. 

This conventional machine film is a tried and tested option that offers high-strength performance for heavy-duty loads, and is compatible with any of our pallet wrap machines.


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