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Cardboard Sheet

Here at Bridge Johnson, we understand that ensuring pallet stability is important to the protection of your goods. If your dispatch operation requires your team to load pallets often, then you’ll know the difference that cardboard sheets can make to the security of your items. We offer a range of versatile cardboard sheets that can be easily cut to fit your requirements. 

No matter the industry, packing your pallet for proper load stability is key to ensuring your goods arrive safely and in the best possible condition. While our selection of pallet wrap, strapping and tape all help to make sure your pallets are secure, using a cardboard sheet is a vital part of your loading process. 

 These cost-effective and lightweight cardboard sheets, or layer pads, help to stabilise, separate and protect layers of goods as they are loaded onto pallets. 

We provide these sheets in a range of sizes and can be custom cut onsite to fit awkwardly shaped pallets. They also provide excellent edge protection, as well as a layer of security for large or unwieldy items.


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