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Category: Cardboard

Cardboard Cores & Postal Tubes

When it comes to dispatching paper items such as posters and maps, it can be tricky to find a convenient shipping method. That’s why postal tubes are the ultimate choice for dispatching everything from blueprints to artwork. With a handy design and sturdy design, these cardboard tubes provide a useful and secure way to ship your items without risking damage.

Our high-quality poster tubes are developed with the safety of your items in mind. With a durable design that ensures the safety of your goods, we offer these tough yet lightweight packing tubes in a range of sizes to suit you. 

Whether you need to ship A3 posters or A4 flyers, we have a packaging option that will guarantee a professional finish and give your clients a good impression of your business. The secure end caps of these tubes ensure your dispatched items are protected throughout the dispatch process, and firmly lock in place for added safety. 

If your business is looking for a way to sustainably package your rolled paper items, then these postal tubes are the ideal packaging solution. Easily recyclable and low on plastic, these tubes provide an eco-friendly alternative to plastic wrapping.


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