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Your Complete Guide To Adhesive Tape

Your Complete Guide To Adhesive Tape

Packaging tape is an essential part of many dispatch operations and is one of the best options to secure your products for transit. When you choose the right tape for your application they work fantastically, but with such a wide range of variations available, finding the optimal type can be tricky.

Many businesses believe that sticking with any tape won't impact their operation, but that's a common misconception. Whether you're seeking sustainable packaging solutions or looking to reduce costs, the right packing tape can make a surprisingly big impact.

Here at Bridge Johnson, we aim to make packaging products simple and accessible. So, if the difference between hot melt adhesive and masking tape is a mystery, we're here to help. In this blog, we're breaking down the facts behind one of the most used industrial packaging solutions. Our comprehensive guide to solvent tape, hotmelt tape and acrylic tape will ensure you find the optimised tape for you.

Solvent Adhesive Tape

Solvent Tape

When it comes to lasting security, solvent tape is an excellent option that can handle demanding conditions and long-term storage. The sticking speed of these parcel tapes is fairly quick, however, the staying power of solvent adhesive ensures they also adhere strongly. If your operation requires storing goods for extended periods, solvent tape makes sure they stay secure.

The sealing power of solvent tape remains reliable in hot, humid and dusty environments. Not only can they handle lower temperatures, but solvent tapes become more rigid in the cold and offer higher adhesion values.

In theory, solvent tapes are not the optimal choice for eco-friendly procedures. However, they do offer durable adhesion to recycled content. A natural consequence of the recycling process is that the fibres on recycled cardboard boxes are less dense. The natural rubber in the adhesive means that solvent tape seals recycled cartons more securely than other methods.

E-Tape Gold is a premium tape that works wonders in challenging conditions. E-Tape Gold is best applied with a hand-held tape dispenser, and can even reduce downtime in roll changeovers by up to 56%. This carbon emission-reducing feature is due to the small core, which also aids in easy storage.

Hot Melt Tape

Hot Melt Tape

Hot melt adhesive tape uses strong thermoplastic polymers, making it a  durable option with long-lasting staying power. The adhesive bonds strongly in ambient to high-temperature applications, and once applied, requires more force to remove. The synthetic/resin adhesive is generated instantly when exposed to heat and provides superior holding power on corrugated surfaces when compared to solvent and acrylic tapes.

These tapes feature a three-layer structure - an aggressive adhesive, film and a special release coat that results in the tape easily winding off the roll. The effortless release makes hot-melt adhesive the best option for fast-paced packaging lines. In particular, the food and beverage industry can benefit from hot melt tape. Goods can be exposed to a range of temperatures and require a no-nonsense hold at a competitive cost. 

This type of tape performs especially well in automated packing lines, so if you rely on taping machines they are a high-performance option. They also offer a sustainable packaging solution, with paper tape options that provide strength and sustainability in one package.

Acrylic Tape

Acrylic Adhesive Tape

Made using acrylic resin, this type of tape offers a cost-effective eco-packaging product ideal for humid and dusty environments. Single-sided acrylic tape is not quite as strong as solvent and hot melt tapes, however, it provides quick application. An excellent option for busy packaging lines, the easy and consistent unwind coating makes for faster application and is available in hand and machine options.

While often used in automated systems, these tapes can also be applied with ease using a hand-held dispenser. The production of this adhesive also contributes to reducing your carbon footprint and packaging spend in one go. The E-Tape Dispenser is a firm favourite for operators who tape loads at high speeds, due to the comfortable grip and built-in safety blade.

E-Tape Plus 52 is a high-quality polypropylene tape backed with a specially-balanced adhesive recipe that allows the most holding force per metre, resulting in a cost-effective tape. These rolls feature 127% more tape than traditional options, saving costs and reducing wasted materials. The high UV resistance of this tape also won't break down when exposed to UV light, chemicals and oxidization.


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